page will not submit on remote host/ php pager problem

My pager does everything but when I hit any of the links for the pages it doesn't show any results.

It can be seen here (although the page doesn't seen to submit on the remote host). Any ideas why?? I have registered globals turned off on the local host and set the variables with lines like.

if(!isset($_POST['area'])){ $_POST['area']='a'; $area = $_POST['area'];}
 echo "area is $area";
 if(!isset($_POST['rowsPerPage'])){ $_POST['rowsPerPage']=10; $rowsPerPage = $_POST['rowsPerPage'];}


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I am not getting your question.  Are you getting an error message of some sort?  

Might want to check $PHP_SELF;.  You say Reg Globals is on?  

ADOdb has a nice pager that works.
I suppose those lines should be

if(!isset($_POST['area'])){ $_POST['area']='a'; } $area = $_POST['area'];
 echo "area is $area";


 if(!isset($_POST['rowsPerPage'])){ $_POST['rowsPerPage']=10;}  $rowsPerPage = $_POST['rowsPerPage'];

? With register_globals turned off $area is undefined by default even if $_POST['area'] is defined.
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