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Is is generally a bad idea to have "non-essential" applications on the windows sbs 2003 server machine?  for example - should i have outlook (to send and receive emails), office, or say spybot installed on my server?  I think i can live well enough without them - but I was just wondering what the experts thoughts on the subject are.
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Outlook is forbidden as it interferes with Exchange.  The use of other non server applications are discouraged.
I use Windows Defender,  but there are other posts discussing the best protection suite on SBS.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Further to Zadkin's comment,

You should never use your server as a workstation.  So, I always recommend never installing any non-essential application on it.  Also, SpyBot it NOT a server application and should not be used.  You need to use Small Business Server class virus and spyware protection such as Trend Micro's Client/Server/Messaging suite.  This will also allow you to centrally manage virus protection throughout your LAN.

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