Active Directory Recreation

Is it possible (has anyone actually done it) to export everything from Active Directory via CSVDE or LDIFDE and then recreate AD by importing?  I'm planning for Disaster Recovery and I know you can backup the system state and peform a restore but we are more interested in if the structures can be completely put back in place after building a new DC.

Any thoughts (or insights) would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm not using pure LDAP could help.

The proc I'm using for DRP (Windows 2003):
Backup completly the DC (full backup of system partition + system state)
actually, to not rely on the software agent for the Sys State, I've a script trigering NT Backup to backup the Sys state on the sys partition, and then file backup of the partiton.

Install a basic windows on the server you want to restore to from CD (make sure you keep same name for sys partition, win folder etc).
Restore the partition backup over your new install (overwirte file)
Restore the sys state from the nt backup file
Reboot FROM CD again.
Choose repair and let windows repair the installation
Reboot again
-- if server does not boot, repair again and reboot
You server is back alive on different hardware.

That's the way I built my test env and it's still running since weeks:)
There are MS docs here :;EN-US;Q263532


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Windows Server 2003

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