Modem conflicting with Realtek HD Audio (Blue Screen)

New unit with an Intel 915GAG Board and integrated Realtek HD Audio. The Hard Drive was Ghosted to new machine. Everything has been working great until I decided to add a modem. When the modem was installed the blue screen came up with realtek audio error. With the modem out of the unit, the unit works fine. (boots properly). The device manager says there is a resourse confilct with the realtek audio driver. I have downloaded the updated audio driver and installed. Still the same result. This is a brand new unit and have ran out of patience. The bios is set properly. The unit cannot be reloaded. Is there anyone out there that can resolve my issue?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
You have an IRQ conflict.

If you are NOT using the COM or LPT ports. then DISABLE them in the BIOS.

take the modem card out of the machine... boot into SAFE MODE after you made the BIOS changes, then go into DEVICE MANAGER, locate COM/LPT ports and remove everything there.  Also, locate entries for your modem and remove that to.

Shutdown your computer. insert your modem.  (Have drivers ready), then install.

You MUST have disabled at least 1 of the COM or LPT ports (the more disabled, the better off you are) to make this work.

Sounds like an IRQ or address conflict to me as well.

First, try these:
1. Change slots with modem.
2. Reset ESCD in BIOS, if available.  Most newer mobos do not have this option.

Another option that has worked for me is to disable on-board sound in BIOS, install modem and drivers, then re-enable sound.

irwinpks' solution is valid also.
If the ghosted drive is not from another Intel915GAG board based system, it is most likely that the HAL is not properly enumerated. T
"You have an IRQ conflict."

Definitely not.  If you ghost a hard drive to a new machine, you need to expect SERIOUS hardware incompatibiliites, and this is what you are seeing.  The HAL for the original machine does not match the new machine, and since the basic windows hardware detect relies 10000% on the right HAL being installed, if it is the wrong HAL for the MB on which windows is running, you are dead as dead can be.

You need to do either -- rebuild the HAL for the system you are running on -- this is beyond most people, or reinstall the OS.  YOu can do this by reinstalling from the OS CD, and choosing the existing install, then choose to REPAIR the install, and it will redetect the HAL correctly. Once all the erroneous device redetects are eliminated, (about 5 reeboots) you can probably hope to add new hardware without BSOD.

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