how can I reverse a string with out using any extra memory

how can I reverse a string with out using any extra memory, thx

example in any programming langueages is fine..
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I only think this is possible if the string is a static length. Otherwise, you'd have to use _some_ extra memory (such as integer's for iteration).
I also doubt that this can be done without creating new variables on the lower level.

For example, in Java, you could probably pull this off, but what really goes on under the hood, when you [for example] call the substring() function will result in more memory being used temporarily..

So, I think you need to be much more specific here.
InteractiveMind has a point... using *any* temporary variable of any type (even integers or pointers) would technically use extra memory.  I will assume that you meant "without creating a copy of the string".  Here's a C example, which is probably the simplest example utliizing char pointers:

char * str = strdup("Reverse me!");

char * p1 = str;
char * p2 = str;

while (*p2 != '\0') { p2++; }

while (p2 > p1) {
  char tmp = *p2;
  *p2 = *p1;
  *p1 = tmp;

printf("Reversed string: %s\n", str);

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This is a common academic programming assignment, so I won't post the complete code.
dlwyatt82, has posted a brute-force version that does use extra memory ( the char tmp ).

Here is a very big hint:  consider using bitwise XOR on the characters of the string.
As I mentioned, it is possible to do this assignment without creating a copy of the string, AND without using temporary variables.  I know for a fact that when this assignment is given, the use of temporary variables is "extra memory".  So dlwyatt82's "assumption" is false, and his solution is incorrect.  So if you copy someone else's [incorrect] work and submit it as your own, you will get the grade you deserve.
And your "assumption" that I have misunderstood his requirements may also be false.  Quite frankly, even allocating a pointer consumes "extra memory".

Would it have been any different if I chose to use the address of the null character at the end of the string to hold the characters during the swap?  Now there is no "char tmp" on the stack, but I'm still using 2 or 3 temporary char pointers (which take up as much or more memory as the char itself).

You're right, it's possible this may be an academic assignment where a professor is looking specifically for the answer of using XORs to reverse the contents of two binary variables.  But even then, you have to use SOME sort of temporary storage while you enumerate over the string.  And quite frankly, assignments like this (if the prof is looking for only one correct answer) are just a way to doom honest students to failure, while those who know how to use Google can copy down the answer.  Most people don't come up with these bitwise arithmetic tricks on their own.
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