pst vs mailbox and calendar sharin


we have a 2003 server with 2003exchange in the office, currently being used for testing and printing which is ok.

what we would like to do is to use calendar sharing from exchange so we can see each others schedule and sync pda/phones but we all access email via pop3 from our isp.

i know that you cant have a pst file and a mailbox working at the same time but we don't want to use the exchange server for email, is there anyway to use the calendar sharing from exchange without a mailbox.
Malcolm KempAsked:
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Unfortunatly the simple answer is no! you have to setup a mailbox and perchase a mailbox licence for every user, evan if they only want to use the calender feature.

In outlook you can have a mail box and a pst open at the same time, just make sure in the mail setup options you get the system to deliver new email to the personal folder rather than the exchange mail box. It might be a pain bacause the users will effectivly have 2 calenders and 2 inboxes, they would just have to be made aware that one is for calender and one is for email.


Dave J

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Any reason why you don't want to use Exchange for email? It provides a much better solution for managing email than you ISP ever can. If you have any kind of permanent internet connection to the Internet then there is almost no reason why you shouldn't use Exchange for email - that is what it was designed for.

Malcolm KempAuthor Commented:
well the reason we dont want email on exchange is that we technically are our own isp with a linux mail server in London on one of Mistrals racks.

the other reason is that we have one guy on mac os x and another guy who is using linux.

all of us who want to share calendars have laptops, and would want to just syncronise events when in the office then we can work from home or where ever with vpn being setup in the future for access to the server.

also there are two routers from the outside world to us in the office the first one we dont control so we would have to pay for someone to do port forwarding (grrrrr)
Both the MAC and Linux can be easily accommodated on Exchange. Exchange supports IMAP and POP3, both of which are available in Exchange.
I wouldn't feel bad about using a different server than what you offer to your customers as an ISP. I know of many UK ISPs who use Exchange internally because that is what the business demands.

Exchange is a mail server - first and foremost. Everything else it does with sharing and collaboration is a by product of that core functionality. As such it isn't very good when it comes to trying to remove its core role.

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