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in visual basic i am making a rpg and i have a sprite and a background... i want to make the sprite have a transparent background.
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edit the sprite in any program that will allow transparency (photoshop, the gimp (free), irfanview(free)) etc

then use an image control instead of picuterbox, cause image control has a transparent background
ASProbAuthor Commented:
yes... but its a animated sprite... its a .gif file.. and i want it to move.....

i tried putting it in a webbrowser on VB6 and the background was white...
ASProbAuthor Commented:
if someone can make me a simulation of a animated sprite moving around (like Crono form Chrono Trigger) on a background of grass or something i would be very very thankfull!

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suggest you look up thr bitblt api calls get and set if I remeber correctly
good section in any of the dan appleman books...
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