Configure RAS server to disconnect idle sessions

I have a windows 2000 server which is running Routing and Remote Access Server. I have 2 modems that I allow the two dialup connections on. Currently, if someone does not disconnect, one of the modems is unavailable to accept calls and I incur the phone charge since I have it setup with an 800 number for remote users.

Is there a setting I am missing to put a timeout of like 2 hours to automatically disconnect the connection?
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Just a thought, wouldn't it be more cost effective to have a high speed internet access for that server, and then VPN into the server.
yes, you will need a firewall.  You won't have to worry about phone charges, or the number of people connected.  And once you're connected you can disconnect any other sessions (assuming you're the admin).

I'd also move with question to NETWORKING since it has Nothing to do with Video conferencing.
ademboAuthor Commented:
Just a thought, why dont you answer the question asked instead of telling me of other ways of doing it? If I wanted suggestions, I would have asked for alternate options. See, what you dont seem to understand, as unbelievable as it may sound, not all hotels have broadband access. I do already have a PIX 515 firewall that I have VPN setup with. But that does not help me when my salesmen are in Timbucktoo.. population 15 and only have the local No-Tell-Motel that only has a phone. Also - Have you ever tried to run VPN from someone else's internal network that has that traffic blocked? Well, my sales guys have.

This was supposed to be posted in Networking. Yes, I do realize this has nothing to do with Video Conferencing. You may also just try to point out that its in the wrong section, instead of being smart about it.

ademboAuthor Commented:
Please close this question.
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I can't close this question.
furthermore, it's not my job.

Read the member agreement ****(which you accepted)**** to learn how to close out questions.

good luck with that phone bill  $ timmy.
adembo, reading through your response... i've come to realize that you're rude and inconsiderate and don't know how to think outside the box.
your user doesn't need a broadband connection to run a VPN. they need a connection to the internet. obviously, being in timbucktoo, they have to DIAL UP through the phone.  Alternatively you can get them wireless broadband access

the VPN solution will always work, if you can actually figure out how to configure the VPN server to user authenticate.
here i was trying to SAVE you money, meanwhile you turn around and yell at the expert, when it was you, who asked the question in the wrong area.
don't think just because you pay 10 bucks a month timmy, that we have to put up with your disrespect.

and so you know, my sales guys can VPN into my server from anywhere in the world. even timbuktoo.
"video conferencing" is not the correct ta for this question, back one level to "networking" would've been a better choice.

i haven't used ras in ages, but there are policies you can set to configure both idle timeouts and maximum session length. see this technet document for a little info:

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ademboAuthor Commented:
My word, does anyone know how to read here? It was already stated that this was the wrong forum, which I acknowledged.


The closing of the question was not directed at you, it was for the EE helpers that browse through.

>>it was for the EE helpers that browse through.

They generally don't.

>does anyone know how to read here?
Try it, you might see how you can move a Q:
ademboAuthor Commented:
All right, I guess I deserve a little lip after I ran my mouth off.

Point taken.
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