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Hello -

I am creating a front end to a fax system.  I have to give the users the ability to add cover sheets to their outbound faxes.  When a fax is sent, I need to be able to use an embedded file object (Word Docs with defined merge fields) that I have saved in the database as templates.  With it, I need to fill in the necessary information programmatically such as the "To", "FaxNumber" and "Comments" fields and save it as a temporary document to be sent out with the fax.  Each fax and cover sheet will be processed individually so there is no need to store tables of information.

I need to know how to make a copy of the stored word doc and how to access and populate the doc fields once I access it.

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I see.  this is what i think you need.

1. If your word templates are attached to a notes document, you have to extract them to the local pc
2. create a word document OLE automation based on the template (.dot), fill in the necessary information and save it (.doc)
3. create a lotus notes fax document
4. embed the saved word document as an object (EMBED_OBJECT) in a NotesRichtextItem and save/send the document.

hope it helps

since you posted your question here, i assume that you are using domino designer to develop the front end. i would suggest using subforms as your templates instead of word documents. it will allow you to easily populate the fax cover sheet with the information you want.
KDragoAuthor Commented:
Yes using domino designer as the front end - guess I should have stated that.  

I am using Word documents so the users can add and maintain their cover sheets as opposed to having to having to do a programming change every time someone needs a new one.  They are familiar with mail merges so developing cover sheets in this way seemed the best way to keep the maintenance in their hands.  

We are a company that has many subdivisions so the there are many different custom cover sheets they will want to create and maintain.
KDragoAuthor Commented:
Thanks cezarF.  I modeled something based on your suggestion and it is working out well.  
glad it worked. thanks for the points. :)
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