regex IP validator

Below is a regex for validating an ip address.  I need to modify it to accept a x instead of numbers at any point in the entry.

want it to accept and also accept 222.123.x.54 ect where the x can replace any one set of numbers.  Thanks in advance and more power to the folks who understand regex as it is like a foreign language to me.

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if(preg_match('/^222\.123\.\d{1,3}\.54$/', $myIPString)) {
} else {

x95guzikAuthor Commented:
thanks star_trek  One last thing is that I want x to substituable for any of the last three.  I am trying figure it out form what you sent but am still fighting through.
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If I understand properly,  then here is the following "^((?:([2]{1}[0-5]{2})|([2]{1}[0-4]{1}[0-9]{1})|([1]?[0-9]{2})|([0-9]{1}))[\\.]){2}((?:([2]{1}[0-5]{2})|([2]{1}[0-4]{1}[0-9]{1})|([1]?[0-9]{2})|([0-9]{1})|(x))[\\.]){1}(?:([2]{1}[0-5]{2})|([2]{1}[0-4]{1}[0-9]{1})|([1]?[0-9]{2})|([0-9]{1})|(x))(\\:[0-9]{1,5})?$"
Can you give an example of what exactly you want, in above i substituted x for the fourth string after the dot  or 222.123.x.54 or 222.123.x.x or 222.123.213.x

let me know if that is waht you wanted from your request.
x95guzikAuthor Commented:
192.x.12.12 - 192.12.x.12 - 192.12.12.x - 192.x.x.12 - 192.12.x.x would all be valid.
and if it is easier no problems with 192.x.x.x would be ok to.  So basically all can be x except the first one
try this

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You can do this without regexp:


function matchPattern($pattern, $ip) {
  $parts1 = explode('.', $pattern);
  $parts2 = explode('.', $ip);
  foreach($parts1 as $index => $key) {
     if($parts2[$index] != $key && $key != 'x') return false;
  return true;

if(matchPattern('192.x.x.x', '')) {
  echo 'matches';
} else {
  echo 'doesn\'t match';

Kind regards

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