mask my link


I have two sites. one , the other
now I've placed a file on pokemon that I want to link from digimon, but I don't want the users to know that it comes from

it's okay if they find out it comes from but I want to hide the filepath and filename if possible.

so how can I mask the link?? I saw a anti-leech masking script but its official site is closed and I can't get it anywhere.
Can anyone please link me to a similar script?? all 500 points goes to the first one to help on this.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
you need to create a virtual directory or symbolic link

What server OS are you using?
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
> .. I want to hide the filepath and filename if possible.
if both domains are hosted on the same physical server, check your server configuration how to do internal redirects
if the domains are hosted on different servers, you need a script on the forst one to fetch the file from the hidden one and deliver it to the user
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iamgaaraAuthor Commented:
its linux and not windows.
the .htaccess is actually revealing the url and path in FireFox, but not in IE.
it's neither a problem of the OS, nor the browser. It's a problem of your topology and how you access files there. Please read my suggestion again.
iamgaaraAuthor Commented:
*if the domains are hosted on different servers, you need a script on the forst one to fetch the file from the hidden one and deliver it to the user"

but where to find such script?
> but where to find such script?
depends on your used technology for CGIs, in a UNIX shell that's as simple as:

  wget -O - http://other.tld/hidden/path/file.img

iamgaaraAuthor Commented:
how can I execute that from a html or php site.
I am very newbie and you're very close to receiving all the 500 points.
If you have PHP, then you can simply use readfile() to include the remote file.  For example, on, create a file called foo.php containing this:

header("Content-Type: video/avi");
header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary");

Now point your browser to and you'll see themovie.avi but you won't know where it's coming from.  Note, this will have an adverse effect on your bandwidth since digimon will be tunneling all the data.  Each request will consume 3 times the bandwidth of simply pointing people to the file on  You will also need to be careful about those MIME headers.  By default, most servers will send PHP content as 'text/html'.  If you are tuneling a video, you need to send the proper headers.  You can do that inside your PHP script as I have shown above, or you could handle it within a .htaccess file.

More details:

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