File associations with published apps not working for one user

I have published several app on my Citrix. One of my users no longer has the file associations linking documents to the pulished apps. For example PDF file show the generic windows icon on her system, rather that the Acrobat Icon. Double clicking on a PADF file will not cuased the published Acrobat to launch.

She is able to mannualy launch Acrobat from the start menu, then go to File -> Open and open the file, but the is a little less than convienant.

I have completely removed the PN Agent software and reinstalled it with no luck. No one my other users are having this problem.

Any ideas on what need to be done to correct this?
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Try just resetting the file association... right-click on a PDF file, choose "Open With" then choose Adobe as the program and select the box to "always use this program..."
richard_westAuthor Commented:
When i right click on the document and go to the Open With dialoag I see

 - Citrix ICA Client PNAgent (Win32)

If she selects this then nothing happens.

One another system this works fine making this seletion and the file opens right up.

Now the user is already connected to the servicer and has a session open -- Outlook 2003 is running in the background -- so it should not be an authintication issue or connection issue I do not think, and just to restart she can go to the start menu and mannually launch Acrobat Reader directly.
Is deleting her profile a possiblity?  I've seen things like this happen and often times it's simplier to wack the profile and let her recreate it.  Just export the favorites and such from Internet Explorer if necessary, have her log off, delete her Terminal Server Profile (also the roaming profile if you use those) and see what happens.

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richard_westAuthor Commented:
Deleteing the profile solved the problem and everything appears to be working as expected now.

Thanks for the fast help!
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