Can someone give me some idea of what this exception is, it seems to be causing our web app to break...

at psdi.server.AppService.freeDBConnection(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.getUserWhere(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.buildWhere(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.buildWhere(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.buildSelectStatement(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.getNextRowData(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.fetchMbos(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.getMbo(
at psdi.mbo.MboSet.isEmpty(
at psdi.server.MXServer.getSystemUserInfo(
at psdi.server.ServiceCoordinator$
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one of the object in your code is being assigned NULL


it seems like some thing wrong at line number >>>> psdi.server.AppService.freeDBConnection(


Some checking is being done at this level which is causing Nullpointer.

Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Just put forward file or check line number : 431. Som object you are trying to process is null.
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Tommy BraasCommented:
Assuming that you don't have access to the source code, and that no code has changed, it seems to me that a connection to the db was never established in your case. Look through log files or the cause of the problem.

If you do have acces to the code, I would suggest verifying that a connection to a db has been established before you try to free it.
whitersxAuthor Commented:
I can confirm the connection to the db via the dsn as well as the application pulling fields in other components, we are just experiencing this error in one module that requires a lot of writing the database.
Tommy BraasCommented:
Are you using a connection pool?

How long does the processing for the write take? Is the timeout value for the connection above the processing time?
whitersxAuthor Commented:
The writing process takes several minutes, I am unsure if there is a timeout value defined, I will investigate.
Tommy BraasCommented:
The default timeout on Oracle is usually less than a minute.
Tommy BraasCommented:
That means that the connection  will time out, and the connection pool is probably going to release it and null out the reference.
whitersxAuthor Commented:
The database is SQL, here are the connection pool properties.

// Number of database connections needed to be kept open as soon as MXServer
// is started. Default value is 15.
// Maximum number of free database connections available in the connection
// pool.  Default value is 30.
// Minimum number of free database connections available in the connection
// pool for more connections to be allocated. Default value is 10.
// Number of new connections to be created when the minimum number of free connections
// are available in the connection pool. Default value is 5.      

Is it possible there is a restriction on the amount of connections on the SQL server?
Tommy BraasCommented:
>> Is it possible there is a restriction on the amount of connections on the SQL server?
Certainly there would be.

The question is what the JDBC driver connection timeout is set to.

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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:

What does this line have?
whitersxAuthor Commented:

that file is not available, i assume because the application is compiled.
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Is it not your class?
whitersxAuthor Commented:
everyone gets points, we decided to use a different web server and no longer receive the error. thanks!
Tommy BraasCommented:
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