ASP.NET 2.0 Treeview Sitemap with multiple top level nodes

Hello Experts,

I have a treeview bound to a sitemap in 2.0.  Due to the fact that this bound to an XML file it has only one toplevel node, allowing the user to collapse the entire menu.  I would like to have multiple top level nodes so the user can only collapse the menu to a certain level.  I am looking for the cleanest way to accomplish this.  

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interstingly I have the same issue,
I beleive that xml can only have 1 root level node and the sitemap links directly onto this root level.
maybe have 2 site maps and 2 treeviews - this does seem like a bad solution though
dukestaTAIAuthor Commented:
I have read something about using XPath but don't really know much about this.  Are you familiar with this?
dukestaTAIAuthor Commented:
I found the answer, it was pretty simple too.  There is an option in the siteMapDataSource:


This eliminates the top level node from being displayed.

Moderator please refund points.
dukestaTAIAuthor Commented:
I requested the points to be refunded almost a month ago so i agree with the recomendation.
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