Signature in outlook and other app's with Tablet PC

I have a toshiba tabletPC model "Portégé 3500" I want to be able to digitally sign word documents and outlook messages on screen using my handwriting without OCR transforming the writing into text. I want the document to actually look like I signed it with a pen. Is there add on software that I need or is there a way to configure the PC to work this way from the factory?
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You could try a small program from Synaptics (if you have a synaptics touch pad). It used to be available for win9X and w2k and it made the touchpad act like a piece of paper (it was called "synsketch", I believe; and any figures you created could be saved as bitmaps (.bmp) and then converted to whatever format is suitable for including in an e-mail/Word document.

DalexanAuthor Commented:
Thanks the synsketch is cool but its not what Im looking for. The tablet PC's whole LCD is touch sensitive not just the touch pad. Im looking to sign a document directly on screen in handwriting format without OCR transforming the text.
either use the touchpad of the PC and draw your signature using a drawing program like MS Paint, then save the file in a bitmap format (bmp, tif or similar) then just add that "signature" as a picture object to you written documents. you can create word templates with that signature included, or use the "signature" funtion of outlook to add that as a picture to every outlook message.

In my opinion handwriting on a PC display is very awkward and the result looks very shaky and unnatural. It looks a lot better if you sign a blank piece of paper and then use a scanner to import that signature as a picture file into your PC. Once you have it in the PC, the procedure is the same as above.

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DalexanAuthor Commented:
Im really looking for a way to use the tablet PC to sign documents with normal handwriting style not converted to text. The tablet PC's lcd screen can be rotated and the laptop held as a book which then can be signed in a manner the same as signing a real book, so its not awkward.
Well, then use the paint program or whatever is installed, it shouldn't convert anything to text.
DalexanAuthor Commented:
Nothing is installed that will accept handwritten text and save it into the active window as a picture. Using MSpaint would require opening that, saving a pic then embedding it into the email or word document.
Yes, that is how it is done...
The application that pops up and converts your letters in to text will allow you to change it to your your actual hand writing there should be 3 or 4 different symbols you can click on either on the left side or toward the bottom!
I really think this is a bit beyond normal software capabilities, but it is doable, I suppose. I think you need to create a .gif or something that holds an image of your signature and then embed this in your documents. Including this signature in a Word document template shouldn't be too complicated, the problem may be to get it placed in a neat and consistent manner. Possibly you could create a macro that will find an embed the graphics in any document as a finishing touch.

For e-mails, it is a bit different. Messages may be transmitted as nice-looking HTML, but many recipients prefer to view them as plain text (I do...), so an embedded image might not show at all in the receiving end.

It sounds like you want to sign every document in "real time" but I know of no such function or software. This doesn't say much, of course, as I don't pretend to know all... but it might be interesting to hear about such an option when it becomes available.
"Real time" signing would need specialized software which would most likely not be a word or outlook program, and it would do the same thing as a non real time solution, it would save the "signature" as a picture file and embed that in the document. Personaly I can't think of any proper reason for signing an electronic document with "handwriting" in real time...

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