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While browsing on EE about this, I found a topic about instructing google adsense to target ads based on a certain content area of the webpage... I seem to have lost this bookmark though.

Currently I'm putting the keywords in the title and the meta tags, but I also want to surround the keywords listed in the body with the "google tags" in order to further target the ads.

Do you know of something like this?


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I think you are mixing up 2 separate aspects of Google Advertising.

The first method of advertising your site using Google is to get your site listed in the organic listings. This is free, however is hard work and can be gained through SEO (search engine optimisation). What you described earlier sounded like 'black hat' SEO. One form of this is cramming your site with keywords, see: for more information on what Google regards as spammy techniques.

The second method of advertising your site with Google is through adwords, a pay-per-click (PPC) program Google operates. Your keywords and titles do not affect the way this program ranks your site - the only thing that affects it is your bid per click. See

For more information on SEO see

Hope that helps,
You would want your web pages to have related content based on the set of keyword(s) that you're using that are picking-up the best Google Adsense advertisements.  However, you don't want to build a website just for the sake of the advertisements and clicks or you'll not get many visitors and fail in other areas pivotal to SEO success.

There are lists out there you can buy that have the top generating keywords that Google pays-out on.  But those lists change on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  Many website owners I know actually make good money from Google Adsense just based on their regular web page content and traffic.  Not by spoofing Google or using proxy servers to inflate their click count.

You could use this tool below to get an idea of what advertisers are paying for specific keywords and to assist you in your content planning.  

For example, if you search for the word "mesotheliom" you'll notice advertisers are paying a very high cost per click on it.  The same for other keywords too.  

But the bottom line is you obviously don't want to get banned by Google, and you don't want to mix other advertiser's ads with your Google ads as this will get you into trouble too, so integrate your Google Adsense code based on your existing content and web pages and I'm confident you will do very well.

Good Luck!

MaritimeSourceAuthor Commented:

Sorry but I guess I didn't explain this very well. I'm not talking about SEO at all. I said in the title of my post "Google Adsense...". So I'm talking about a way of refining what google ads appear in the google adsense based on certain keywords.


Let me describe the system we have, which will shed light on why I want to do this: We have a library of scanned images, which get OCR'd. Users come to the site, primariy to search this image archive. So they type in some keywords and hit submit. On the backend, our system will search the OCR'd text and find matching images. A list of results are displayed. Then they click on one. At this point, the main image for that search result is displayed.

So the only thing on the page is a big image (besides our site header and footer).

This is why I wanted to instruct google adsense to base their ads on the keywords that the user searches on.

Is that clearer?
Hi Maritime,

Yes, clearer.  Thank you.

I gather you have a dynamic search function that pulls-up a list of images based upon the search query.  Is there any text associated with each image?  If not, can you add text?  

Have you experimented with Adsense on your pages (static) and on your search string (dynamic URLs) result pages?  I've not experimented with Adsense code in the header/footer files to see if ads display according to their content.  

I would recommend the following from what I know so far:

1. Google does index images so it makes sense to base the image filename on a constructive keyword(s).  Have you ever done an image search in Google to see what image files have been picked-up from your site and how you found them?

2. If you can insert any text to be associated with that image, that would be great.  Also, I would make use of the ALT text tag as well here.  It could prove to be valuable.  

3. Since the final search result is a single image being displayed, is there any way you can insert text relevant to the image name or image description and add also the Adsense code?  Is this single page a static or dynamic web page?

4. Adsense will zero-in on a number of factors as it wants to display the most relevant ads to your users as possible.  Otherwise, nobody will click.  So if possible, pay close attention to your HTML file name for each given page, your Page Title and Heading or first content at the top of your web page.  Make sure what you say in those areas as it will help define what Adsense ads will be displayed.

Lastly, I would just experiment and define your "channels" in Adsense based on the categories of your images so you can monitor which areas do better then others.  Try to place your code at the top of your image pages and do take advantage of customizing your colors to match your site and images as that can possibly influence others to click too.



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