RPGLE with Excel

Has anyone created any RPGLE programs that interact with Excel and the individual cells within a spreadsheet?  If so, Where could I get some documentation?  Thanks for any help
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There has been some work like this over the years with limited success. But the real efforts have been in using POI/HSSF via Java procedures called from RPG. Since Java and POI/HSSF have been far superior, I'm not sure anyone has pursued RPG-only solutions. If you have C programming that can do it, I suppose you could convert it to RPG IV; but that seems long way to go when useful functions are already available.

Example that discusses technique --

Googling on [ poi hssf rpg ] shows a number of discussions. The various iSeriesNetwork links are some of the highest quality.


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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Save you Excel sheet as CSV (comma seperated file) file. Then you can simply write a RPGLE program to read those  and fetch records .

BR Dushan
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Sometimes following suggestions will hhelp for you.


BR Dushan
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