Profiles in Windows 2000 server

I used my profile as a test as this seems to happen to all profiles on the network.  

I had a folder in My Documents that I no longer needed.  So I deleted it.  About two hours later I rebooted my computer and sure enough, not only did that come back to my profile, but also did 6 items I deleted over a week ago from my desktop.  

How do I keep them from coming back?  Is there a setting on the server I've overlooked?  

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firstly check that your my documents folder is not redirected to the server as this can sometimes cause issues such as your one. Here is a Microsoft link to check and see if you have My Documents redirection enabled.

 If you do, then temporarily disable it and see can you now permanantly delete items in your My Documents folder.

jwollAuthor Commented:
Re-direction is a need or the problem.  The problem is a file deleted from anyones computer on the network, be it something from the desktop or my documents folder, regardless of time, it's not updated from the server stand point.  1 day, 1 week, 3 months later, the server puts that file right back where it was the next time you log on.  

If you delete something, it needs to stay deleted.  We're losing massive amounts of hard drive space because of this.  
have you tried looking at you backup software on the server? if this is malfunctioning or if there is a restore job running somewhere, then this could be causing the problem. Try disabling all Backup Software services both on the server and on any clients/nodes on the network for a half a day and then try deleting files during this time and see if it restores any. If none are restored/undeleted then your Backup software is the culprit.
are you using roaming profiles?  if so,  ive seen this happen before.

roaming profiles and 'my documents' redirection are two completely seperate things,,, do NOT try to blend them in any way IE by redirecting 'my documents' to any place within a roaming profile.  If you do that, it will cause the exact behavior you describe (which is by design by the way)

make sure that "my documents" redirection is NOT redireted to the \\server\profiles\ share at all.
'my documents' shouuld be pointed to a seperate 'file server share' on the file server, not to any place with the roaming profile

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Windows 2000

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