Reinstalling Server Extensions

How much of a deal is it to reinstall my server extensions over itself?  he are running extensions from office 2003.  will we lose any shared borders in our websites?  we have had problems with this happening.  we are having an issue with a database in frontpage.  the form seems like it takes the info but if you check the database it will be empty.  any ideas why?  i was thinking extensions.
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>>he are running extensions from office 2003.
There are no extensions from Office 2003.  There are no FPSE 2003.

You can easily sign into the FPSE web admin control panel and recalculate the web.  This is like "reinstalling".  This will fix the extensions.

Did you check the permissions on the database to make sure it is read / write?  Is the DB in the default fpdb folder?

I would check the permissions on the database and then recalculate the web
that should fix any of the problems that you are describing
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