Upgrading from a Cisco 10/100 switch to a Cisco gigabit switch.

Can i just transfer the the config from the old cisco 10/100 switch to the new cisco gigabit switch?  Do i need to anything else?  Will the faster port work or do you need to do something to make them work at 1000mb.  

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As far as the config is concerned, it depends on the switches, but you'll probably find there will be too many differences to simply upload the existing config to the new switch. VLANs may be defined differently, port defaults may be different and QoS settings may be different. Port settings will probably be similar, though interfaces are now "gigabitEthernet" instead of "fastEthernet", but it's probably worth entering from scratch. Don't forget you can configure an interface range, for example, after entering "interface range gi0/1 - 48", port settings entered will be applied to interfaces gi0/1 to gi0/48.

Obviously the NIcs connecting to the switch ports need to support gigabit and the cables need to be cat 6 or cat 5/5e with all 4 pairs terminated.
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