XP not showing any attached USB device

After installing new card and board drivers 'My Computer' is not displaying some attached USB devices and therefore I cannot access them.

For example, I have an external USB HDD. It is drawing power from the USB port because the power light is on but it's 'icon' is not displayed in 'My Computer' nor is it displayed in Device Manager. But I have a Topfield PVR which is not displayed in 'My Computer' but is displayed in Dev Man. And for some strange reason USB flash memory sticks are displayed in 'My Computer'

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Try reassigning some drive letters in the disk management. (Right click on My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management)  Sometimes the USB device is there, but is trying to be the same drive letter as physical drive.  This may help you for your external USB HDD.
When you installed Board drivers ( assume you mean MotherBoard? ) did you install the chipset drivers first?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Could it be hardware failure ....! Does all the USBs work fine?

Download Windrive to test your USB hardware, as it might be malfunctioned...!!!

If you have installed any updates recently from MS< then revert back and uninstall those updates...
Also do a SFC on the pc ..
Click Start --> Run --> Type sfc /scannow
Insert win xp CD and wait till it finish then restart and check, before restarting make sure all the USB ports are unpluged of cables..

Spaghetti_JunctionAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

I tried Disk Management first, thanks to thumper631, and the USB HDD was there but with a 'no entry' sign next to it. I right clicked and choose an option - I forgot which one sorry - and now it shows in My Computer as Drive E.

Many thanks
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