Getting Error on Terminal Server ProductNonBootFiles

I am getting an error on my terminal server regarding the office 2000 installation I believe.

Detection of product '{00000409-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}', feature 'ProductNonBootFiles', component '{8508BDE1-F076-11D1-A868-00A0C90AEAE2}' failed.  The resource 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OfficeCustomizeWizard\1.0\RegKeyPaths\{00000409-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}\OCWAddedContentWritten' does not exist.

When we go into outlook on most users profiles, we get this pop up that Office 2000 is configuring itself.

Someone had pointed me to use a batch script that will create this key for each profile, but I am not sure that this is what we need to do with this error.

Would giving users power user rights on the terminal server be the best way around this? Or do I need to give every one local administrative permissions "GULP".

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Hello PatrickDoman,

according to this KB source:;EN-US;Q298385
a batch file to create the key is indeed the easiest solution if you have it else you would've to run the applications under admin account once to create the keys (alos outlook is a nice one) and then login as normal user

more related info can be found here

hope this helps a bit
PatrickDomanAuthor Commented:
Thanks, will folllow the instructions
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