SP2 and image handling

Paint shop pro - some of the functions no longer work after installing SP2 - such as copy and paste as layer, new selection, floating selection, etc.  I know I've read there are issues with SP2 and graphic programs.  In general, what is this issue all about and why does it happen?  What does SP2 do to cause this issue?  Thanks in advance for any help.
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What version of Paint Shop Pro are you using?  

This explains that the ONLY version that has been formally tested on Windows XP is version 7.04.

Also I've read that using Tweak UI and Paintshop Pro 8 can cause problems.
The following adjustment to the TweakUI configuration will allow Paint Shop Pro's Recent File list to work.
1. Launch TweakUI from the Windows Control Panels.
2. Click the IE tab.
3. There should be an option for Add >new documents to documents on startup menu. Make sure this option is checked. 4. Close TweakUI and launch Paint Shop Pro again.
5. Try opening and closing some image files.
6. Check the File menu, the Recent opened files should be listed.

You probably have any patches or updates applied, but just in case check out the support pages at Corel.com for updates/patches to versions 7, 8, and 9.


i've no problems with my paint shop pro and sp2. use it every day.

psp was installed *after* sp2 was.. so i'd suggest uninstalling your paint shop pro, rebooting and reinstalling it.
dharma1952Author Commented:
I did that because I had to reinstall the XP OS first.  Then I updated everything through Microsoft, then installed my programs.  When I copy and try to paste - the image cannot be seen even through the program indicates that another layer has been created - but it appears blank.
I don't have an answer for you, but I have been experiencing similar issues with another graphics program, Igrafx Image (also called Picture Publisher), on two different computers running versions of XP, ever since SP2.
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