"Cannot find server" problem with new Netgear WGT624 router


I have just bought a Netgear WGT624 Wireless router and have connected to a BT Voyager ADSL modem, and I'm with BT Broadband.

The setup completed ok, and everything looks fine on the surface - my pc tells me that the connection is active and the lights on the router are as expected.  However, when I go to internet explorer, I always get a "Page cannot be displayed" message.

I have checked all the obvious things and cannot see what it is causing it.  Any ideas?

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have you tried to ping the modem? Ping the router? If so was you able to? If not do you have any firewalls? Does the modem have a dhcp server? Do you have to connect to your isp using pppoe? if so have you logged into the router and set this up providing your modem does not do the pppoe authentication if it does you need to put it in bridge mode if possible because trust me you want the router handling the pppoe authentication!
First, Check if the Netgear Router is connected to the Internet. Look at the status page of the Router, and check if the Internet is connected and has got IP address from the ISP.

On the IE Setting of the Computer, check the Internet Options should be NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION. Also remove any BT PPPoE software installed on the computer.
marktwo2Author Commented:

Thanks for your comments.  I'm  not very familiar with this technology so some of the things you mention I may need a bit more help with in terms of checking.

Below is the stuff from the status page of the router.  IE definitely says Never Dial a Connection.   By PPPoE software - do you mean the general BT package that I first installed or is it special software?

Router status:
Internet Port  
MAC Address  00:14:6C:4E:50:21
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
Domain Name Server
LAN Port
MAC Address  00:14:6C:4E:50:20
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
Wireless Port  
Region Europe
Channel 6
Mode g and b
Wireless AP ON
Broadcast Name ON

Connection status:

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DHCP Server
DNS Server
Lease Obtained 30 days,0 hrs,0 minutes
Lease Expires 29 days,23 hrs,57 minutes
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Thanks for the information, its been useful to analyse your problem.

It seems that the problem may lie with Modem. It seems that your modem is acting like a Router, thus complicating the Internet access to your Netgear Router.

I am not quite familiar on how BT provides Internet to users, I would recommended to check with your neighbours / friends to check what is the connection status if they have smiliar setup i.e. accessing Internet via Router.

In the US, the Broadband provider provides IP NOT in the Private Range.

btw, I meant the BT Package software which may contain PPPoE connection software. Nothing more special about it.

Note: IP address in private range is any IP address between - - -

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Well if you are pppoe yes it is possible your isp provided you with a pppoe client software that is providing the modem is not capable of pppoe. So do you haqve a pppoe client software that was provided by your isp? If you do then I would have to say your modem does not handle the pppoe session. If you do not have pppoe software installed or if this is windows xp or mac x and they did not have you create a pppoe connection then most likely you have a modem that handle the pppoe authenication that is providing your isp uses pppoe. So if the modem handles the authenication you should be able to access the Gui of the modem and put the modem in bridge mode then you would simply need to set up the router for pppoe.

Hope this makes sense.....lol I'm on my way to work and had to type this as quick as possible.

So no proof reading on this post.
marktwo2Author Commented:
Hi thanks for your help.

After gkumaran's comments, I did a bit more internet research and found that the router I purchased doesn't work with my supplier (BT).

So I got it exchanged and it all works fine.  I will give gkumaran the points...


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