Firewall client for ISA 2004 Missing...where can I regenerate one?

There is no share directory on my ISA Server for me to use to install the firewall client software for my users, any ideas on how I can recreate it, or regenerate it?

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

Check out the steps from the Premiuminstallsteps.htm and see if that helps.
1. Launch the Add or Remove Programs, choose "Microsoft ISA Server 2004"
and click Change/Remove. Select to install the firewall client component.

2. Then we can deploy the ISA2k4 firewall clients using the automatic
client application deployment feature of SBS, or manually install the
firewall client from the server sharing: \\ServerName\mspclnt\.

How to deploy the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client program 

NOTE:The ISA 2000 Firewall client does work will work with the ISA 2004 firewall.  if you upgrade ISA then also ensure that


You can open the Server management console, navigate to Client Computers,
on the right pane, click Set Up Client Applications. By default, once we
install the ISA Server 2004, the Firewall Client option will be included in
the Available applications list. When a workstation log on and join the
domain, the firewall client will be automatically installed. In case the
"Firewall client" is missing in the list, we can manually add it from

If you don't want to use this method, please refer to this KB article to
deploy the firewall client:

How to deploy the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client program

(Note: Please try to change the install.ins to its original status to see
if the problem can be fixed.)

In ISA firewall client, there is an option 'Enable web browser automatic
configuration'. The ISA firewall client setup wizard enables this option by
default. With the option enabled, the firewall client retrieves the IE
configurations from the ISA server. It's expected that the client IE proxy
settings could be reset after installing the firewall client.

You may open the Microsoft Firewall Client for ISA 2004 management console,
navigate to 'Web Browser' tab. Uncheck the option 'Enable web browser
automatic configuration'.

We need to also disable the web proxy configuration in ISA management
console. Go to the ISA server, open ISA Management console, and navigate to
'Configuration'\'Networks'. Open the properties of the 'Internal' network
object. In 'Firewall client' tab, uncheck the option 'Automatically detect
settings' and 'Use automatic configuration script'. Click 'OK' to close the
dialog boxes. Apply the settings.
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