Timing on my sound file

Is there any reason that the sound on my movie is perfectly synced when I do a "test movie", but then when I export to SWF, it's a few seconds off?  

I'm working in Flash 8.

Anyone have any ideas?

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eric_quigleyAuthor Commented:
My last post wasn't exactly accurate. It's not when I export to SWF that the sound gets off, it's when I upload the movie and then view it online. When I export to SWF and view in a flash player, the sound is still perfect.

It has a preloader, and it seems to load everything up just fine. Then when I watch the movie on the web, the sound is just a fraction of a second late. Is my filesize too big (it's about 2.9mb).

I am baffled.
Make sure that your sound is set to STREAM not EVENT

If you have it set to event, it might work locally because you're actually running at your exact framerate.

Once online, the actual framerate you'rew running will vary alot, throwing it out of sync.

eric_quigleyAuthor Commented:
Ahhh, that makes sense.

Do you know if it is still possible to control the volume of a sound file if it's on STREAM instead of event?

Yes, you can still control the volume, or do anything you can do with an event sound.

The only difference between the two is:

Event sounds just run, regardless of what the timeline is doing.

Stream sounds run with the timeline.


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