Lemon Law affiliate program


Just wondering if anyone has come across a lemon law affiliate program?

I can't seem to find one

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desertcitiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest starting with your State's Lemon Law program as many Lemon Laws can vary from state to state regarding consumer protection.

While Lemon Laws orginated from the purchase of a "lemon" automobile, it has expanded into many other areas.  However, I could not find any decent websites dealing with affiliate programs.

I would suggest doing a search based on these words "your state lemon law internet" or any variations and see what sites come up.  Also, visit some of the many forums that discuss various affiliate programs and throw-out your questions there.  You could get some good feedback.

Good Luck!


antumAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, this one is proving to be one hard nut to crack,

it gives me the creeps that there is no affiliate program out there, and it seems not much in the way of digital based products, do you think this is because it has been tried before an failed (not the right market) or is it a market worth getting into?

Seems to be one to stay away from, but with Overture sponsors paying $10 per click!! there's got to be something in it
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