open project file but can't see any tasks

When I open an existing project file I can't see any tasks. I know the data is in the file, but Project is showing a blank screen (not even empty rows - just a blank screen). No error messages are displayed.

Same thing happens when I create a new project file. Just a blank screen where the tasks rows should be displayed. The tool bars are visible.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the software with no change. I've updated to service pack 2 with no change.

This is on of the strangest problems I've ever seen.
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Hello dmaltbie,
is this happening out of the blue? did it work yesterday or a few days back?
maybe far off but could be related to a security patch
dmaltbieAuthor Commented:
The last time i successfully used project was 3/23 (I date my project files in the name). I haven't used project since then until last week, when I noticed this problem.

I looked at the security patch and checked to see and I don't think it applies because:
a) I don't have an HP laptop
b) The Verclsid.exe process is not running on my system, and
c) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Cached does not exist in registry

thanks for your help,

ps. could this have something to do with the product key in any way? I got the software through a discount provider and i'm worried that they key has expired somehow. Again, the software has worked for me for about three months, so it is a recent phenomenon.
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Lets try this one for starters...

When you try to open Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 or Microsoft Office Project Standard 2003, the screen is blank, and the program does not open successfully.
This issue may occur if the Srchui.dll and Jscript.dll files are not registered correctly.
To resolve this issue, re-register the Srchui.dll file and Jscript.dll file. To do this, follow these steps.

Note Because there are several versions of Microsoft Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, see your product documentation to complete these steps.

1. Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 c:\windows\srchasst\srchui.dll in the Open box, and then click OK. When you receive the RegSvr32 confirmation that the DllRegisterServer function succeeded, click OK.

2. Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\jscript.dll in the Open box, and then click OK. When you receive the RegSvr32 confirmation that the DllRegisterServer function succeeded, click OK.

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Forgot link to knowledgebase article...
dmaltbieAuthor Commented:

The answer from dbase118 was right on the money.

Thanks a whole bunch!!!

Thanks everyone for your help.
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