DHCP server / Cisco 3560g with 1 VLAN, how to get dhcp working on second vlan

I currently have a network setup on 192.168.100.x.  I have created a second VLAN on our Cisco 3560g which i would like to have dhcp on.  How can i have my dhcp server on hosting on 192.168.200.x?  I don't see anything for a dhcp or ip helper on the cisco?

I have added a second NIC in the DHCP server and plugged that into the second VLAN which works.  It just seems that i should not have to do that...

Can it not be done?  The only thing on the cisco is ip forwarding and static routes, nothing for dhcp helper??

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Can you post your running config from 3560g?
lgropperAuthor Commented:
sure no problem, how do i get that? can i get it from the cisco network assistant?
lgropperAuthor Commented:
is there any suggestions anyone may have to get this done? or am i unable to with the 3560 cisco?

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Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Telnet into the router.
type "en" (no quotes)
type "sho conf" (no quotes)
copy and paste to a text file
Hi lgropper
You should be able to do this. You need a layer 3 interface for the second VLAN you've created.

If the new VLAN you've added is 100, then you need to create interface VLAN 100 and assign it an IP address from the 192.168.200.x range.  Here is where you would add the DHCP helper address

CLI configuration would something like:

interface vlan 100
  ip address 192.168.200.x
  ip helper-address

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lgropperAuthor Commented:

right on the money! thanks!!!
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