VPN Connection using Linksys WRV54G via Netgear DG834GT


I'm having some major problems trying to establish a remote connection to my home office.  My internet connection is handled via a Netgear DG834GT gateway router.  

Having done some preliminary research I've purchased a Linksys WRV54g VPN router and thought it would be fairly simple to connect this to a spare LAN port on the Netgear and then use the QuickVPN client on my remote laptop.

Unfortunately, 10 hours later, I was wrong!! :(

Any help gratefully received..... I'll explain what I've done so far...

I upgraded the firmware in both the Netgear and Linksys - 1.02.04 and 2.37 respectively.

I've setup the Linksys with a static IP address on the LAN and enabled all inbound traffic to be forwarded from the Netgear to the Linksys at this IP address.

When I try and connect from the remote laptop I can see in the Netgear log that a remote request has been made and that this has been forwarded to on my LAN so it seems as though the remote packets are reaching my LAN ok.

However, I don't get a VPN tunnel established, I just get the error message on the QuickVPN client indicated that there is either an 'incorrect password', 'no valid IP address', 'incorrect server address', or 'windows firewall needs to be disabled'.

Given that I'm seeing the requests in the logs on the Netgear I've been focussing on the configuration of the Linksys as the source of the problem.

I've read many of the posts on these forums and tried much of the advice given to others in trying to resolve similar problems, but currently I've got a VPN tunnel enabled, which is setup with a local secure group as the subnet / with the intent that this would enable sharing of all devices on my LAN.

I've created a username and password in the VPN Client Access area and can confirm that it is checkmarked as active.

I've disabled all firewall and anonymous blocking on the Linksys, all VPN pass through settings are disabled as are encryption and PFS.

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks,
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
The DG834GT is a combined router and modem, is it not. If so you will likely need to put it in "RFC 1483 Bridged" mode. It is currently in NAT mode (Network Address Translation) and the QuickVPN will not likely connect to the Linksys through the NAT device. Putting the Netgear in Bridge mode allows you to configure the Linksys with the WAN configuration that was previously configured on the Netgear. Once this is done there will be no forwarding available or required on the Netgear as all traffic will be forwarded to the Linksys by default.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Ortiga, have you made any further progress?
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