After putting together the monitor is not coming up

I am putting together a server with following parts:
SUPERMICRO H8DA8-O Dual Socket 940 AMD 8131 Extended ATX Server Motherboard,
AMD Opteron 250 Troy 1GHz HT 1MB L2 Cache Socket 940 Processor,
ASPIRE ATX-AS680W-BK ATX12V/ EPS12V 680W Power Supply,
Mushkin 2GB XP 4000 dual kit(2x1GB) RAM

When i start the server, the fans goes on, the light on motherboard comes on, but screen is not coming up. No sound beeps. This is first time powering on. I have disconected IDAs cables, keyboard and mouse, and taken out all Add-on cards for now. Monitor is pluged in on board VGA that has jumper settup to enable. I have tried another RAM (G.Skill PS3200 1Gb DDR), but still the same. Any ideas on what could be problem?..or how to troubleshoot?
Thank You,
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Reseat the CPU, make sure you have no bent pins. (also, is this CPU to spec with the board)?
Do you have the additional power cable (4 pin black/yellow) attached to the motherboard for extra power?

remove the RAM completely... do you have audible beeps?

If so, that is good, therefore it is the RAM and it's compatibility
You actually have to do some troubleshooting to streamline the problem

1. The VGA: is this on board? Try another VGA card and see if you get thesame response
          if it is not on board then try using the vga card in another system to verify it's status

2. The monitor: verify that your monitor is working properly with another system or test the system with a known
          working  monitor

3.  RAM : troubleshoot the RAM like irwinkps suggested or by swapping with a kown working one

If you have not been able to identify the culprit yet, then

4. Try reseating all the components again

5. Remove all components and run the PC barebone  i.e use only necessary boot up components like CPU,RAM,VGA and
       check the response.

6. At this point you are likely having an issue with either your motherboard or the cpu
       you may have to test this two with a known working one  that are compatible.

all the best.
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Are you running single or dual CPU's?

If you are running single CPU do you have it in the CPU1 socket?

The memory slots are 'assigned' to the CPU slots.
Do you have the memory in the correct slots.
For Single CPU: Memory must be populated in CPU1 DIMM slots only.
For Dual CPUs: Recommended that memory be populated equally in adjacent memory banks.
This board requires: -ECC- Memory. -72-bit-
184-pin DDR (Gold plated contacts.)
It accepts 2.5 volt memory only.

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Also it must be buffered (registered) memory.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Hmm... dual CPU?  do you have a CPU bridge if you are running 1 processor?
Your memory does not meet the specifications for your motherboard.
You have unbuffered, unregistered, non-ECC, 2.8 volt memory.
margotskAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your replays,
Looks like PCBONEZ ir right. Would this RAM meet the specifications:
I do not wanna make mistake second time.
Thank You,
That works.
Hit's every click right down to gold contacts. (Had to look in the pic.)
I've never used PQI, maybe someone else in here has. ~ Anybody? Anybody?
Never heard anything bad either...
The user rating looks good and 28 votes too.
If you don't want to make any mistakes when choosing memory, then use the "Crucial Memory Advisorr" here:
Select the "More Manufacturers" option from the drop-down list and it will open the following page with Supermicro now added to the drop-down list:

That will list compatible memory and, as long as you enter the correct model number, there will be a no-quibble return option if it turns out to be incompatible.

ALL Compatible Memory for H8DA8:

Crucial Recommended :
One thing that strikes me as a bit odd on that "newegg" linked page is that, despite the warranty showing at the bottom of the page as "Lifetime", they have put a big fat drop-down list entitled "Protect Your Investment" right in your face offering two "Extended Warranty" options.  A bit sneaky for the more naiive buyer I would say.

I'm not too sure about the two reviews though:
"...bought 16 sticks of these over the last 3 months and have had 1 failure. 6% failure rate is a bit high..."
 - I think so too -
"They have run flawlessly for two months now".
 - Wow, 2 months! You would expect them to last 2 decades! -

If you like the look of the PQI module(s), then here's a list of their suppliers so you can compare prices.  Crucial is always a bit more expensive than other less high profile memory brands:
16 sticks is a very small sample size... There may have only been 1 fail if he bought 1600.

Yes, the added warranty is a gouge in this case.
That frame is an automated part of the site. They'd even ask if it was a scewdriver.

As you are 'way over there' you probably aren't familiar with how Newegg works.

There are 28 reviews, average of 5 stars.
The '2' is just those that bothered to add a commentary to the review.
The bulk of the review is check boxes that result in the star rating.
Commentary is optional.

How often do you go back 20 years after you bought something and write a review?
They hit you up for a review via email shortly after you recieve the product.
~ Which I'll admit results in some pretty stupid reviews. I read one yesterday where the guy said his video card looked great,,,, and,,,, he couldn't wait until he had a motherboard it would work in... ???

But at least Newegg HAS buyer reviews of their products and they don't buffer the bad ones.
How many dealers do that?
In general I agree about Crucial memory.
However, the closest Crucial module to the one he asked about is $189.99 as opposed to $99.99 for the PQI.
~ And it's 2.6 volt.... The requirement is 2.5 volt...
Your link doesn't list a single 2.5 volt PC3200 module (ECC, Registered, Buffered)
You can also shop here:
Once you learn how to use the search you can find about anything.
Thanks for the explanation of how newegg works, nobus.  Yes, I agree that the people who provide feedback will always be those who have a loud complaint, or those who tend to praise everything.  For those end users who find that the item just does as it is supposed to do, what's the sense in giving a review just like the "They have run flawlessly for two months now" one.  I can see how that has transpired now that you explain how they prompt you for feedback after a short time.

The "guaranteed" modules sold by Crucial are a mix of 2.5 and 2.6 volt ones, as you have correctly pointed out, but they are ECC and REgistered (buffered).  Probably best to stick with the voltage specified by Supermicro:

Strangely enough though, Supermicro's list of compatible memory includes "Crucial Technology CT12872Y40B.18LFD4".
This is Crucial's "Recommended" 2.6 volt module.  In fact, supermicro also list a Kingston part number (taken at random from the list) KVR400S4R3A/1G - a 2.6 volt module also.
Find this on the Kingston site, and it lists H8DA8 board as compatible.  Do another lookup there on the board model number, and they too list a mixture of 2.5 and 2.6 volt memory.

I can only assume that there is some latitute or flexibility with regard to the voltage, but as you say it is best to stick with the voltage specified in the Manual - if you can find it.  I can't.
margotskAuthor Commented:
Thank you for replies and for some insite into
I did buy RAM from as BillDL recomended...and I am hoping that it is true as BillDL said about the existance of memory voltage latitude. I will get back to you once I recieve RAM in 2 bus. days.
Thank You,
I'm in total agreement that you have to take reviews on Newegg with a grain of salt.
As you do ANYWHERE.
But on Newegg I've seen items with dozens (even hundereds) of reviews and piss-poor ratings.
That tells me Newegg doesn't 'fudge' the ratings or delete the ones they don't want buyers see.
They also don't care about pissing-off a manufacturer with a bad review as do entities that rely on advertising money.
I don't trust -blindly- trust Newegg's reviews because, like anywhere else, the reviewers aren't necessarily knowledgable.
I simply trust their reviews more than I trust reviews from other places.

To the modules in your link. There are no PC3200 2.5 volt modules there.
He was looking for PC3200. That was my point.

The voltage is specified in the link:
Supermicro gives no latitude IN PRINT that I can find.
I agree 2.6 volt is -probably- within specification for the board, however, as is not in print and he's already had one memory problem I didn't want to call -probably- 'good enough' and set him up for another problem.
(Were this my equipment and my wallet I might take the gamble because you are -probably- right about the voltage issue. ~ BUT, It's not MY money involved here.)

And as to price gouging with add-on warranties.... How is that different or worse than price gouging through the basic price? . $99.99 to $189.99 . . I know some are better than others but $90 difference for the same spec? I don't buy that there's a legitimate reason. That's just another kind of gouge.
That said, I haven't personally used PQI. I have used Crucial and it's good stuff.
And I -think- the voltage is close enough...
margotskAuthor Commented:
Thank's. I get the memory stiks and it works now. So, PCBONEZ pointed the problem and  BillDL helped in choosing the right RAM. I would like to split the points:
Thank You again.
Thank you margotsk
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