I have a linksys router set up with securuity WPA PRE SHARED KEY, Wpa Alg.:TKIP,Wpa shared key: *****, Group key renewal :3600. , i used easy link to hook up to a hp network wireless printer all works fine, trying to take a desktop off of wired and make wireless using WMP54G , i put the key in check channels etc connects and gets strong signal , but can not ping router or get internet on wireless desktop. i call linksys tech and there solution was to use WEP 64 bit which works and i imagine i can configure the wireless printer to it but maybe not with easy link. I would like to know how to set the wireless pci adapter using WPA(any version) , Network has computers one wired and the other looking to go wireless both using xp pro.  
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from what you're saying you can get a signal and see the SSID, but are unable to actually connect and utilize the wireless connection.

What you will need to do is first ensure that you're using the same encryption for the connection on both ends.  This requires that you set up a connection manually, and make sure that it is pointing to WPA-PSK with either AES or TKIP encryption (depending on which one you've tried to use).

If the desktop thinks it's pointing to a WEP encrypted network then when you put in the PSK you created, it'll be unable to actually connect and receive/send data.
Do you currently have any third-party connection software running to establish the connection?  or are you using Windows's wireless management?

(also, make sure that you didn't disable windows wireless zero configuration in your services.  Many sites recommend that you disable this one a desktop because wireless is normally not used, but if it's off you won't be able to connect correctly).
besides the same encryption, you want to DOUBLE check your key is correct.
agree with Craig there.....

It sucks when you try to tear out your hair and find out that you forgot to capitalize the "P" or something....

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compproblemAuthor Commented:
I double check the key and it is correct . Windows wireless service is not disabled.
Magus, You seem to put my question in much simplier terms than I did and you got what I am trying to do the only difference is I do not know how to do it. Since I have the encryption in the router and working ok with the printer perhaps my question should be how do I check or manual set and/or change the settings in the wiresless pci adapter of the desktop(WMP54G) to point to WPA-PSk with TKIP settings of the router. This adapter was last used with WEP.
Thanks for any help
Does the desktop connect when it is hardwired? you say it "connects" but does it get an IP address? you wont be able to Ping anything if its not getting IP.

can you connect without the encryption? IF YOU CAN, then reset the encryption (and key) on both the router and the wireless card.

sometimes changing the encryption type/resetting it helps.

Let me see when i get home so i can give you some step by steps from my laptop.
compproblemAuthor Commented:
Craig , first of all the desktop does connect when wired , it also connects wireless when i change the router security to WEP.What i am trying to find out is how to fix the WMP54G wireless adapter so that it can use WPA security which from my understanding is the better of the two as for as security. WPA is the default set up using the easy link button of my printer, so if i go WEP i will have to rework the printer set up. I perfer to change the desktop adapter setttings if possible.I seen usb adaptors that have easy link that i thought of buying , but i perfer to have the ones install in desktop , does anybody know of a wireless pci card with these easy link feature.
can you make sure you have the latest firmware...Firmware 4.70.6

if you dont this could be the prob.. there were issues with previous versions switching between security settings

compproblemAuthor Commented:
Seems that WMP54G has different versions with only version 4 working with WPA security with help from third party software, assuming using xp as operating system. I will have to buy the newer version 4 card or purchase the third party software. Heres the link
Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support.

The WMP54G already supports WPA. If you are using the WMP54G version 4, WPA is already available using the latest driver and from the WLAN monitor. But if you are using the version 1 and 2, you need to use a Funk Software’s Odyssey Client to use WPA. By the way, only the version 4 has the SES or Secure Easy Setup software button.

You may want to refer to the link below:

Title: Configuring Funk Software’s Odyssey Client with WPA and Linksys Wireless Adapters
URL: http://linksys.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/linksys.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1021&p_created=1086738653

compproblemAuthor Commented:
Please close question as i answered it above , it was easier for me to buy newer version of WMP54G adapter to get the wpa security as oppose to third party software
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
OK. I wasn't quite clear on whether you had dumped your original device or whether you might want to use it elsewhere. I;ll make the recomendation within 3 days.

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