Crystal servlet to .rpt file connection

Dear experts

I am brand new to Crystal reports.
I have a jsp page with two date fields, "fromdate" and "todate" and a button called "show report". when the user clicks on the show report button i am going to the Action class from action class i am forwarding the control to a servlet .

Now i want this servlet to pass the parametres such as

          String databasename = ReportConstants.DATA_BASE;
          String databasepwd = ReportConstants.DATA_BASE_PWD;
           String crystalip = ReportConstants.CRYSTAL_IP;
           String crystalfolder = ReportConstants.CRYSTAL_FOLDER;
           String crystalprotocol = ReportConstants.CRYSTAL_PROTOCOL;

and using the above parametres ,i want to "connect to the .rpt file" to display the report. But i am stuck with what needs to be done in the servlet TO CONNECT TO THE .rpt file.
Any ideas on how i can connect the above parametres in the servlet to the rpt file.
Anyhelp greatly appreciated

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You can probably find some stuff at the link above but a simple example to get you started can be found here:

Also, what version and edition of Crystal are you using because they don't all support java integration.  Typically you need to have either the Advanced or Developer edition.  A feature comparison can be found here:

I believe there is a great example of passing database connection information with Java at This is version dependent so browse around those sites. Great examples for programming with Java.
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