Master Domain Controller crashed


I have a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller that is running Active Directory, DHCP, and DNS.  I understand how to get the Active Directory back through replication (there are 4 other Domain Controllers in our Domain), but how do I get all the DNS Zones, and DHCP running again on my Master Domain Controller after I reinstalled Windows and Acitve Directory?

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If you install DNS, it will replicate with the other DC's if it is AD-integrated zones.  Just install DNS, you won't need to set and zones, etc.  It will auto-replicate.

For DHCP, you'll need to install it again, and set your scopes up again.  Unless you exported the database very recently.

rgutweinAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick reply!

I have a few more quesions though:

1.  How do I backup DCHP.  I actually have the "Backup" folder from the Windows/System32/dhcp from a couple days ago
2.  When do I set up the FSMO rolls so that it is the Master Domain Controller
3.  Do you get the points for replying to this message automatically, or do i have to assign it (sorry, i am brand new at this)

Here is what I am going to do...let me know if this is correct

1.  Reinstall Windows Server 2003 (SP1 and Updates)
2.  Rename it to its original name
3.  Run DCPROMO, and have it replicated the Active Directory with the other Domain Controllers
4.  Set the 5 FSMO rolls
5.  Install DNS, and let it replicate with other Domain Controllers
6.  Install DHCP, and restore it from backup database

Please let me know...Thanks!
everything is right on in your steps...except that you cannot restore the backup DHCP database that I'm aware of unless you specifically "exported" the old database, simply restoring the system32/dhcp folder won't do it (again that I'm aware of).

You'll probably have to just recreate your DHCP scopes again.  Don't worry about existing leases, the clients will check back in and renew their own leases ok.  Just make sure you set the "conflict attempts" to 2 so that it doesn't accidentally hand out an existing IP before the client with the current lease checks in.

As far as "accepting" click the accept button for the comment you want to accept.  Or you click "Split Points" first if you want to split the points among comments.

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rgutweinAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much!
Very of luck.
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