Softwaresolution to combine two ADSL gateways

We have two ADSL lines and the usual, Domaincontroller for useraccounts etc.

Is there ANY way (prefer software solution) to combine those two gateways to be able to double the speed ? I need this when connecting remote to other PCs which are abroad  ....

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Hi Cassavatech,
According to Morphos @

09-24-03, 08:01 PM
Alright, someone needs to step in here and describe how this can't work, or else I'll go insane. Shotgunning modems during the days of 56k involved a special ISP that would break the data stream you were requesting into two pipes that could be rejoined upon reaching your computer.

Now, a bridged connection, like you've seen on the right-click menu of your network connection isn't a way to forcibly create an unholy abomination unto the lord in the way of a siamese network connection. It's for joining two networks, like an interior LAN and some outside connection.

ICS, or internet connection sharing isn't the answer either, that allows other computers to use yours as an access to the internet via whatever other connection you have.

My thoughts on why this can't work have to do with your ADSL provider not splitting your data stream, they don't, I'm pretty sure. (The few shotgun ISP's for 56k connections were very very few and far between) So does anyone else think that this won't work...

you can also check
ou can with iproute2 in linux. While not prepackaged it could be made to run on a cheap old machine. here is the url:
Posted by: ianare at May 5, 2005 04:02 AM

There's a router/firewall from Netgear with two 10/100 internet ports and four gigabit Lan ports for computers.

It can be used to handle 2 internet connections at the same time and it should be nice to get a fast network aswell if you have gigabit network cards.

It costs about $165 at Pricewatch.
Posted by: Gary at August 15, 2005 08:43 AM

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The cheapest way is by using hardware. is one vendor that has your solution in one box.

I'm not sure you can do this using pure software, and if you could it would likely be cost-prohibitive both in your time and hair.

The hardware solutions exist, and they are likely the best solution.

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