2 Domain Controllers only want user to go to one for DNS and DHCP

have to domains in one office domain A and domain B i want users that are members of domain A  to get dns and dhcp from domain A.  most users are getting dns from domain B and i want to get that info domain A.  how do i make that happen.
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If the router's handing out the IPs, you don't need a DHCP server locally - just make sure it's handing out the correct config (DNS servers, etc).
Detactivate the other DHCP servers.

If you want more control, & want the convenience of DNS integration, remove it from the router & run it on only one server.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to VLAN your network so that Domain A uses a different network than Domain B.  In this way, you are able to have the correct DHCP server respond to clients in their appropriate domain and provide the client with the correct DNS server to use.

It can be accomplished with one DHCP server, but if you are going to VLAN then you might as well deploy DHCP on each domain.

North323Author Commented:
ok so if i have a linksys router that is not vlan compatable.  can i shut down domain B and have users not even see it?  AND, does domain A need to be a DHCP server, right now, the router is handing out IP addresses
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