Can't browse internet from IE address bar, but can surf bu going to yahoo???

I have a customer that has a wierd issue with IE.
She can get her home page up (
but if she types an address in the address bar the browser just sits there....FOREVER!
However is she types the web page address in the yahoo search bar she can find it and click on it.
Once she has visited the page it will come back up...... via the address bar....
OS is win2K and IE is 6.0

Here is what I've done to try to  correct this...
Removed some spyware using ewido, hijackthis, and adaware. nothing really bad
checked for viruses, none found
reinstalled IE using the ie.inf

This is strange
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This is due to a problem with a recently installed MS patch:;en-us;918165
Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security update MS06-015

If you don't get the problem corrected with the above, then read this:

That patch that came out 4-11 causes problems on some computers. I am sure Microsoft will end up reissuing the patch that does not break some computers.

Here are the symptoms:

Office Products:

When choosing Save As it will lock up. If you look in Task Manager you will see one or possible 10-20 or more processes of verclsid.exe running. Killing that process will probably allow the office products to work fine in that one instance.

Internet Explorer:

Typing in any address and then hitting enter will launch a process of verclsid.exe and it will not go away. IE will sit there and appear like you have done nothing. Killing all processes of verclsid.exe will let IE work fine.


Uninstall KB908531 from any computer that is affected then reboot.

Or, as another temporary workaround until MS comes out with the corrected patch, you can find verclsid.exe in \Windows\System32\ folder and rename it to verclsid.old
if that doesnt help. check to see if you have any web search toolbars (yahoo toolbar) etc.... this can cause same kind of problem.. also clearing the temporary internet files can help (tools/internet options/ delete files)

hawgpigAuthor Commented:
Nice call. as soon as I read this I knew this was the issue. Her problem started last wednesday...right after the patch was installed....Of course she didn't tell me that until I got over there tonight....

Thanks for the quick response...
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