cannot browse the network computers

I have faced the following problems when I replaced old Active Directory of windows 2003 on single domain with new server:

The new Active Directory server of windows 2003 can browse and access any computers within the domain, but the others cannot browse the computer from Microsoft Windows Network, when I double click the icon, it shows the domain icon but it shows the following error:
xx is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

I transfered 5 fsmo and dns from the old Active Directory to new one successfully and demote the old one successfully, unstall DHCP server and then shutdown the old one.

I unstalled the DHCP from the old AD and install new one on new AD. The computers in the domain almost have static IP. I can ping and map to the other computers from each other when I type \\computer name or ip address in the Run.

Please somebody can help me how to fix this problem to browse the computers from Microsoft Windows Network to access and map to the network drives. Thanks a lot.  
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Hi spwell,

make sure you have netbios enabled on the client machines

Does UNC pathing work both directions and can you ping and resolve the server by name on the clients?

spwellAuthor Commented:
Yes, all are defaul.

I can ping and resolve the server by name on the clients and also each other in the domain. The problem seems that cause change the Active Directory controller server. mayby security policy or dns server or wins server configure problems. I already changed preffered dns server IP on each computer to new dns server.

UNC pathing works fine on each computer but cannot browse through Microsoft Windows Network. Before I demote the old AD, it works fine it not works after I add new DC on the domain. At that time, it worked fine again when I shutdown the new one. It didn't work if I shutdown the Old one even if I transfered everything to the new one.
that was a quick change of heart!
spwellAuthor Commented:
can anybody solve my problem?
why did you accept if the answer wasnt right? post in community support and ask for it to be opened...
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