Crazy Text Encoding thing where stuff like characters like this Ññ come out when I type the ; or : keys

When I’m working in Visual Studio sometimes the keys stop doing what they are supposed to and start acting crazy. The {} keys and ;: and the () keys start making other characters, like ñ and the like. This used to happen every once in a while but now it happens over and over again all day. If I exit out of Visual Studio and open it up again it goes away for a little while. If I switch to notepad or Outlook the problem doesn’t show itself in those apps. At first I thought this was a Visual Studio thing but now I’ve seen it happen in Firefox and Dreamweaver.

Does anyone know what the hell this could be? And even better how to fix it? As painful as it is I’m going to have to reinstall if this keeps up because it’s really messing with my work.

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Open up Regional and Language Options from Control Panel.
Select the languages tab.
Select the Details button.
Check the Installed Services.  My bet is you have another language setup and you are hitting ALT+SHIFT to toggle between languages accidentally.


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