create new user folder upon creating new user ad user/computers

when i create a new user in active directory users and computer i would like automatically

1.  have a new user folder created
 - location - d:\data\timecards
 - format - LastName, space FirstName for example Bowie, David

2.  the security
 - Administrators-  full control
 - David Bowie-  modify, read/execute, list folder contents, read, write
 - Admin1 - modify, read/execute, list folder contents, read, write

Also, is there a way to modiy permissions security for many folders at  one time? The above solution would help when we add new users but we have 30 existing users that I would like to automatically change their security withouth going to each individual folder and changing. for example below.

they are all in the same folder d:\data\timecards
so  only Administrator, Admin 1 and David Bowie can add files to Bowie, David
and only Administrator, Admin 1 and Steve Smith can add files to Smith, Steve
and only Administrator, Admin 1 and Sharon Stone can add files to Stone, Sharon
and you get the idea.


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You cannot do this using the builtin interface, but you can script it.

XCACLS.exe is the tool for bulk permission changes, but only one entity can be modified over multiple folders.

You'll need to use VBScript and run it after creating the user.  You should post a 20pt Q here:

and link to this Question.

Someone that is strong in scripting can assist.

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