transferring the file using HTTP

has anyone known how to transfer the file via HTTP?

What is the software requirement? Web Server? or Networking setting???

Is it running on web? Can I do it in JSP or just java application?

I have no idea how to start??

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there are many ways you can do it :)

To use http you'd typically have a web container to recieve the files and send them using multipartform request that I mentioned above.
if you mean to upload a file then you wneed to use multipart/form request

apache upload provides support for this on the server side
on the client side you can use httpclient
LeanMoreTryMoreAuthor Commented:
Sorry I dont make it clear enough

I mean the file need to be transfered from one location to another location. Like B2B

From example,
Company A has created a data file which needs to be transferred to Company B via Http. is it via the web site or something..I really dont have any idea

Can we able to do it?

Our old system is using E-mail as an data transport?
But our client wants to use http? Unfortunately I dont have this knowledge to carry out the work.

I need technical information so I can start

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LeanMoreTryMoreAuthor Commented:
Does our client need to register the web site because their web applciation is run as a intranet or internet? how does another company receive the file? i thought it must through the network? but how?

if they register the web site as an internet application i think we can do it, isn't it??? please correct me if i am wrong.

you need *something* running on the server that is to recieve the files, if using http this would typically be a web container for example tomcat. The server would just need to be visible to the client that needs to send it files.
LeanMoreTryMoreAuthor Commented:
Thanks object.

Yes. one of our web container is using Tomcat.

Does that mean we can transfer the file from web intranet applcation?

How can the file be transferred to one location to another location if there is no network link it together?
Really dont understand.

Do you have any link provided us some information about that?
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Try using the FileUpload tool from Commons:
You also can use the Web service for this problem (run on http)
the destination you can write a servlet with function to receive data
and the source can invoke the function on servlet to tranfer files
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