Displaying Text and a View Icon in the same column

Is it possible to display text and a view icon in the same column.
The reason for this is that my view currently displays response document details in a column and I believe I can only have one Response column in a view.  I need to add anicon if the response document is of a certain priority.
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Try this.

1 add a column to "Display values as icons"  and tick "Show responses only"
2 add another column DO NOT tick the "Show responses only"  with a column formula @If(@IsResponseDoc; <field>; "")

for my testing I used @If(@IsResponseDoc; Form; "")

which version of domino designer are you using? I can create 2 "Show Responses only" columns with my 6.0.
RichardStarkeyAuthor Commented:
Really?  When I create a second column it does not display.  Only the first one in the view shows.  Let me check....

(Version 6.5 by the way)
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RichardStarkeyAuthor Commented:
Nope.  The second column does not appear.  
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
To show icons, you need one additional column TO THE LEFT OF the responses-column. With the correct formula, only icons for the right response documents will show up.

If this is for the web only, there are lots of other possibilities...
RichardStarkeyAuthor Commented:

Got it.  
I have a column to the left of my responses column but do not tick the 'Show Responses Only'.  Instead I just have the column forumla do @If(@IsResponseDoc; 112; "");
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