Edit Registry of Alternate Windows installation?

I'm trying to edit the registry settings of my Windows installation, without logging into that specific Windows installation.  If I have another Windows installation on the same hard drive and log in to that one, is there a way I can edit the registry of the other Windows installation on the hard drive?
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open up regedit
click on HKLM
click file
load hive
navigate to

and load ie. software

for user reg settings its in C:\Documents and Settings\user\ntuser.dat

look here
No this is not possible becuase of the way the registry is set up in windows now.  The registry is no longer in just one or 2 files but in what are refered to as hives many files comeing together to create the registry.  Also the files used in the registry are not in plain text form they are in bianary to try to keep the average user from messing with the files like was the case in windows 3.1.  What regedit does is pulls all these hives together and makes all these files visible for editing and it will only do that on the windows it is logged in on.
Hopefully you have two partitions for each of the OS
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Not sure what the individual tools are, but if you make yourself a BartPE boot disk that uses the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, there ARE utilities that will allow you to edit the offline registry of the install on the hard disk.  
It seems to me that you could do it with the procedure in the KB article Antunb posted this way:

1. Copy all the registry hive files to a network share, or removable device


2.  Get another XP machine you don't mind destroying; maybe a virtual machine

3.  Copy thoe five files on top of the hive files on the disposable XP machine

4.  Start the disposable machine and run REGEDIT to make the changes you want

5.  Copy the files back to a network share, or removable device

6.  Copy the files back to the origina machine

I have NOT actually done this, but in principle it should work :)
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
BartPE - available from:


Then be sure to get BOTH the driver add on and the software add on from:

http://www.ubcd4win.com/ (Overview)

http://www.ubcd4win.com/downloads.htm (direct downloads page link)
samb39 he has 2 windows installations on the same computer

if he boots in one he can load the others registry, no need to put on shares etc...
Wow!  I see that you are correct, antunb.  Somehow I missed that the first time I read your post.  That is a new feature to me, and a good thing to know.

I appreciate learning more about regedit.  Thanks!
its cool, its good 2 learn new things,

I always learn new stuff here
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