Terminal Services and Applications running in the session

1- Assume that there is a windows application (lets call it APP-A) running in a Terminal Services Session on a computer that has Windows XP installed.
2- Assume on the Win XP machine there is another application (APP-B) installed that is NOT inside the Terminal Session.
3- The problem is that APP-A needs to pass messages/commands over to APP-B, and visa versa.  
(Note: Communication between APP-A and APP-B when installed both on Win XP works fine)

Q1- Can this be achieved?
Q2- What is the best way/technique/approach to achieve this?

Thanks in advance
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You'll have to explain how you have an application that is NOT inside the Terminal Session.  A Terminal Session does not "contain" applications that are insalled on a Windows XP computer.  Since Windows XP does not allow two users to be logged on at the same time, it is not clear to me what this question is really asking.

Could you be more specific?


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centsoftAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks,

 I have a Win XP pc, consider that the client pc.
On this Win XP pc, I open a connection (Terminal Services- TS) session to a Terminal Services Server.
The Terminal Services session runs in a separate window (I can resize/minimise it etc), on the Win XP PC (client).
This allows me to run the TS session  (and associated apps inside it) plus other separate applications concurently running on the local WinXP client (outside the session).

I hope I have explained this a bit better?

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Ah... now I understand... I was picturing that you were connecting to the XP Machine remotely.

So to answer your questions:

Q1- Can this be achieved?

Yes... depending on the protocol of the message/command that needs to be transfered

Q2- What is the best way/technique/approach to achieve this?

That would all depend on the protocol.  

So now you need to be quite specific about what the programs are and what messages/commands you want to transfer if you want a real answer to this question.

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Well, I am no programmer, so I can not be very specific.
One program is written in PowerBuilder 9, the others could be C++ etc.
Basically, the PowerBuilder (PB) program is the front end to a sybase sqlanyware 9 database of customer records.
This program runs in the Terminal Server session.
The external programs are image management programs, they store scanned and captured images for its own customer database. There are about 8 of these programs, each uses some sort of method to allow the PB to send them messages. Most use command line, some use the clipboard, some use DDE, some OLE and some "mailshot" (whatever that is).
So lets say command line way.
The PB program will say to the Image program c:\image.exe -cutomerID "1", -name "Smith, Mrs Mary"
So then the image program called IMAGE.EXE opens with Customer ID =1 , Customer name = "Smith, Mrs Mary"

Hope that makes some sense.
See what I want to do is be sure its possible so I can get some experienced programmer to do it.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
It does make sense... and I'm no programmer either... but I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish...

Just FYI, here is a good overview of how TS works:

What you may want to look at is using a Terminal Services Web Connection instead of using the RDP client.  This is because the Web Connection uses Active-X which can essentially issue commands back to your XP Machine to execute just about any command you allow it to.  (Hence the reason FireFox is so popular because it doesn't allow Active-X -- which can be a security problem if not managed properly).  But in your case this is a welcome technology!

To get an idea of what Active-X can do, take a look at this SharePoint demo... I realize it isn't exactly the same as what you want, but I think it makes the point:



Sorry that I can't offer you any more specific advice or info.


centsoftAuthor Commented:
thanks for that
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