Make my PC a FTP server using serv-u

I setup my windows 2003 PC to become a FTP server using serv-u

In fact, I think I successfully setup my server
I can connect to my ftp server (using cuteftp) but I can't upload files to my server although I'm using the administrator privileged account (write/read/execute previlege)

I noticed that all the folders on my server have the CHMOD value 666 (read only), I tried to set it to 777 but I can't

What exactly is my problem?
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Suppose you have ftp root X:\FTP.
There are directories PUB and UPLOAD.
Setup access as READ for entire server
and setup flags (in serv-u web gui) Read, Write, Append, List, Create for UPLOAD folder.
In Gui
left pane: Local Servers -> Domains -> Your_Domain -> Users -> User
right pane, Dir Access tab: add directory, then setup access.
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

If you try from the client side then its not possible to assign that permission

at the "dir access" tab, you will see the permissions for the user you just created.

The default permissions are "read", "list", and "inherit". you can change from here
huy302Author Commented:
Thanks alot

I did all these things, but I still can't solve my issue :(

I really don't thing my server has any problem with the serv-u's settings

I thing the problem here is my windows server 2003, because I tried setup another server using exactly the same settings, on a windows XP PC, and this time my server runs cool, no error at all

I tried alot but I really can't find what's wrong with my server :(

PS: my windows server 2003 is a server of a small LAN network, using ISA Server 2004 to share Internet connection in LAN
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