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          I have existing network with Router --(1)--> Pix 501 --(2)--> Lan switch, which cable connect (1) & (2).
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I would say that the cable would be an Ethernet Crossover cable between the Router and the PIX since they are like devices.

MDI ports connect to MDIX ports via straight-through twisted pair cabling; both MDI-to-MDI and MDIX-to-MDIX connections use crossover twisted pair cabling.

It can be verified (if you can remove the cable to look at both ends) by holding both connectors next to each other, pointing in the same direction, and looking at the colors of the wires. If you hold both connectors pointing away from you, pins 1,2 will be to your left. If both connectors have orange/white on 1,2, you have a straight through cable. If one has orange/white and the other is green/white it is a crossover.


It doesn't really matter whether you use a straigt or an crossover cable, as the pix supports auto-MDI(X) so will detect an crossover-cable and will adjust the port when needed.
Is that true of the outside interface?  It looks like he would be using that from his diagram.

From the PIX data sheet.

Console Port: RS-232, 9600 bps, RJ-45
Outside: Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet port, auto-negotiate (half/full duplex), RJ-45
Inside: Integrated auto-sensing, auto-MDIX 4-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch, RJ-45

Your are correct that it would do auto-mdix on the inside ports.



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Hmm, you're right grsteed....

Anyway, in that case it depends on the router-port. If the router is a multi-pc, it probably has an onboard switch, meaning that the cable should be crossed. If it is a router without switch, it is hard to tell which cable need to be used. Especially since some soho-routers have an MDI-X port by default.

So I don't know the length of (1) and (2), but if they are of equal length, I suggest buying one straight and one crossed cable. Connect (1) first and if there's no link, try the other cable. Once (1) is connected, use the other cable for (2).

(Or simply tell us the brand and model of your router)
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