contentEditable in firefox?


I have a div section with contentEditable = true. Everything works great in IE, however in firefox i cannot edit any text in the div. What do I need to change for firefox to be happy? Below is the full page:

function FindLink()
     var dc = document.getElementById("chip1").getElementsByTagName("A");
     for (i=0;i<dc.length;i++) {
          dc[i].onclick = new Function(",,''); return false;");

<div onmouseover="FindLink()"  id = "chip1" contentEditable = false style = "left: 134px; overflow:scroll; width:188px; border-top-style:inset; border-right-style:inset; border-left-style:inset; position:absolute; top:75px; height:125px; border-bottom-style:inset">
<Font color=red>Hi Again!</font>

<a href=""></a>

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Firefox does not support contentEditable, but it supports designMode which might suit your need. Only that you'll need to use <iframe> instead of <div>.

You can check for detail.

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minnirokAuthor Commented:
Ok if I have to use iframes that's fine, but will that work in IE as well? Do you have an example you can post of this working in both browsers?

Well, in fact "designMode" is supported in IE (, so if you just want the section to be editable, this is enough:

<body onload="document.getElementById('the_iframe').contentWindow.document.designMode = 'on';">
                       <!-- to activate edit mode -->
<iframe src="about:blank" id="the_iframe" />

But if you want to script it also, browser incompatibility involves.
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minnirokAuthor Commented:
Hi Kenny,

So what's the difference exactly between designMode and contentEditable ?

All I want to be able to do is let the user type some text into the div, then if they type a URL like, have it be hilighted and they can click on it.

Can 'designMode' do that with the iFrames for both IE and FF?

Sorry for my confusion,

designMode can only be applied to a "document" (e.g. a frame / iframe), and contentEditable can almost be applied in any tags. But contentEditable is IE-only.

And if you follow ,  it should be able to support both IE & Fx.
minnirokAuthor Commented:
Hi Kenny,

I'm a little worried, I followed the link and then tried their demo:

Now, in IE a 'link' will auto hilight (like, but the same page run in firefox does absolutely nothing after you've typed a URL in the text field.... am I missing something? Is it even supposed to auto-hilight for firefox?

Yes, Firefox doesn't support auto-highlight. You'll need to program that yourself...
minnirokAuthor Commented:
Oh dear. Ok, I will have to open a new question for that then.

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