Can Java able to be used to create a workflow diagram?

Anyone who has any idea how to create a workflow diagram using java, please advise.

Giving a link so i can get the information is greatly appricated.

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Try using a Hotspot framework, there is a java version avaiable here:

With a framework like this, all the actual diagramming functionality is already provided, and will allow you to customise it to your needs. All you ned to do is tailor it to your exact specifications. Note that I havent used this frameowrk in particular. When I was at Uni we used a similar framework although I cant remember what it was called. You might be able to find more info here:

Tommy BraasCommented:

I dont know if this is wat u r looking for,not sure which workflow u r tlking about. Can u plz explain a bit more of ur need.
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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Can you explain your requirements more in detail? It looks like some UML tool will suit your needs better.
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
(and there are plenty of UML tools built in Java so effectively you can say that Java is doing it)
LeanMoreTryMoreAuthor Commented:
do you know anything for free commerical use? For Hotspot, we need to pay for license. Our boss is not willing to pay for any license free as java is a open source community.

mayankeagle - Not UML tool.
For example, our JSP page will contain a workflow diagram image, where is clicked, it generates a workflow diagram shown in applet.

Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Well, I think there should be some free, open source ones, like these:

I'm not sure if a JFreeChart kind of thing will be enough for you: 

There are some mentioned here as well:
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