VPN and SBS 2K3 novice needs assistance in making the two work together...any takers? This should be a project...big points!

Brand new outta da box SBS 2K3.  Wizards have been ran, users and computers have been added, and the floppy to copy the SBS 2k3 remote connection to the clients has been copied and loaded, but I get an Error 800 when trying to connect.  Remote Desktop cant connect either, saying that server is busy or not configured properly.
The network is ADSL via Bellsouth FA w/ their Netopia 3k modem, wireless router all-in-ones.  As far as I can tell, when I ran the wizards on SBS 2K3 for remote connection and remote web workplace, all seemed to go well, and the Netopia seemed to have been auto-updated by the SBS 2k3.   The remote client (WinXp Pro SP2) is a laptop that I am trying to connect from a broadband connection at home.  Do you know where i'm @ what I can do fix this issue?  It would be my 1st successfully created VPN connection on my 1st successfull server set-up ever...you'll be bustin my IT cherry...bring it Answer King...I know your out there.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Well, it's not really a project, you just need a bit of patience to ensure that things are as you THINK they are.

>>>"As far as I can tell..." and "seemed to have been..."

Lesson One in TROUBLESHOOTING a problem:  Get the FACTS.

How about opening up the Netopia's control panel and seeing if the port is truly open?  It would be port 1723.  There is also a requirement for GRE Protocol to be enabled.  This is probably called "VPN Passthrough" in your router.  Make sure that's enabled.  This would be much better than "as far as I can tell" and "seemed to have been".

Then, please post an IPCONFIG /ALL from your server so I can review your network configuration to make sure that everything is configured properly... since you got an error saying it's not configured properly that would be a good place to look -- although this too could be indicative of the right port (3389) not being open on the router.  

Finally, please see if you can connect via VPN from a workstation that is within your LAN.

If you truly want this to be YOUR server set-up, you gotta participate by doing the troubleshooting.

n2ITSolutionsAuthor Commented:
So, I have gone in and Opened up port 1723.   In the router (a Netopia 3000), this is termed "Pinholes" under NAT settings.
When I go into here, I click on "Add" and get an input box named "Pinhole Entry".  In here, I can name the Pinhole, 'Select Protocol' - TCP or UDP, and the External Port Start and the External Port End.  I set BOTH,  the start AND end to 1723.  Other places to be filled in are the 'Internal IP Address', which I set to one that was below that which the DHCP server assigns, but wasnt sure if I was understanding this correctly, so I also made one w/ the Internal IP Address for the server.   I am now getting an Error 721, where as before I am getting an Error 800, so perhaps some progress has been made.  Any helpers?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Please post an IPCONFIG /ALL as requested above.

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n2ITSolutionsAuthor Commented:
Jeff, could  you tell me why and what info you need from IPCONFIG.  The reason I am hesitant, is that I, being a novice am not secure enough about the out-of-the box security that SBS offers to post my IP address and that of my server to the world, much less, a perfect stranger whose intent im not quite sure of.  I am proficient enough, Jeff, that you could tell me WHAT I should be seeing or looking for, in generalities, and I should be able to go through and make the appropriate changes.  
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Because that's the absolute best way to quickly review your settings and let you know how things stand.  You can rest assured that I wouldn't ask you to do something that would compromise the security of your network. You're more than welcome to modify the domain name to something like "domain.local", but I would ask that you don't alter much else.

Please read this article about IPCONFIG's written by one of the most security concious SBSers that I know:


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U can try this link (at your server or pc) to see if your port is open at your router   ( http://www.grc.com ), then goto " shieldsup"  link (somewhere in the middle) and at some point you will see some buttons that say " lookup specific port " 
try both ports 3389 (terminal server) and 1723 (vpn) , it should be open or stealth if it says closed you have typed something wrong on your router

also check if you use the server as vpn server that on your router the pass-through-vpn/pptp option is clicked..(if there is such an option on that router)

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