No more connections can be made to this remote computer

O.S - Windows 2000 Pro

I have a local network of 8 computers which i manage remotely, i am trying to connect to workstation 8 via VNC, when i do this it tells me the host can not be found.
If i try to connect to workstation 8 via explorer it gives me the error message "No more connections can be made to this remote computer"
Now I know windows 2000 has a limit of 10 users but I only have 8 in my network.

WS8 can see WS1 but WS1 can not see WS8.

Whats even stranger is if I do a NET VIEW from a cmd prompt on WS1 it only displays WS1 WS6 and WS8
I can VNC to all other terminals from WS1 except ws8 and can view files from all other terminals expect ws8.

What is blocking me from connecting to ws8 and why is net view only displaying 3 of the 8 computers on the network, including the 1 computer i can not connect to or ping?

This question is in relation to a store scenario so its rather urgent as ws1 is acting as the file server
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Ok I think you have a master browser election on your network..
Use the Resource kit on cd and use the master browser utility to see which computer is the master browser.. I cannot remember the name of it..

Check the event viewer on all machine and post related errors here..
Maybe there is more than one connection to a computer from WS8.
If you type netstat on WS8 isn't something like this shown?
I mean that WS8 has too many open connections, not the other machines that are trying to reach it.
clingardAuthor Commented:
Is there a command to kill all the connections?  And if the connections are killed will the other machines need to do anything in order to connect to it again?  
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Maybe this one could help
First check the IP-adresses and subnetmasks. A typo here is a very common problem. You might also want to check your routingtables just to be sure.

If that fails, you might want to stop the computerbrowser service on all pc's except WS1. (Only one copy is needed in the network). This forces WS1 to be masterbrowser as there isn't another browser available. While you are checking the services, be sure the 'server' and 'workstation' services are running.

When that fails too, turn the computerbrowsers back on again and see if you can resolve the other machines using nbtstat (nbtstat -a <name> and/or nbtstat -A <ip>)

Let us know the results and feel free to ask.
Try disabling the License Logging Service on the affected machines and try connecting again.

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Windows 2000

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